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Monthly Archives: April 2017

Plastic Window Treatment

Plastic window treatment is a sort of covering which is low cost, useful and free of any harmful chemicals. Before purchasing plastic window treatments make certain that it does not contain any injurious chemicals (like lead) which are dangerous from hygienic point of view. These coverings are mostly used to maintain the temperature of the room.

Solar Window Shades

Solar window shades are a type of plastic window treatment. They are usually put on the exterior windows and give you a clear sight of outside. Solar window shades as the name suggest are meant to control the sunlight that enters the room. Solar windows shades are helpful in both summer and winter seasons. In summer season, they keep the heat away from the room and in winter, they keep the hot air inside the room by reducing the cold air infiltration. Solar window shades are economical and usually lightweight. Solar control plastic window films are also available in the market which are capable of absorbing heat and light.

Plastic Venetian Blinds

Plastic venetian blinds are another type of plastic window treatment. It is made of PVC plastic and comes in many designs. The main advantage of these blinds is that they can be used in any room, kitchen or bathroom. Anywhere you have higher amount of humidity, these blinds are of great help. They usually have horizontal slats which you can open and close at will. So you can control the amount of light with them. Plastic venetian blinds are tough and long lasting.

Plastic Mini Blinds

Plastic mini blinds come with 1 inch small slats and are very economical. The one great benefit of these mini blinds is that they come in different colors and are rust proof. People living in coastal areas can use them effectively as coastal areas are more prone to rust and corrosion due to moisture in air. You can use them anywhere in the home, i.e. kitchen, bathroom, rooms. They usually come in standard size but you can have the custom made mini blinds as well. You can simply clean them with damp rag.

Plastic Sheeting

To prevent drafts and save energy, sheets of plastic are very handy on the windows. Clean the windows with damp cloth to remove all the grime and dirt from the surface. Take double -sided tape on windows frame to apply plastic sheet. Take proper measures and cut the sheet of plastic according to those measurements so that it will fit on the window properly. Carefully fix the sheet on the tape. To remove any wrinkles, you can use hairdryer. That will give a better finish to your plastic sheet on the window. Cut any extra plastic coming out of the edges.


Overhead Garage Doors

Kinds or Designs

Overhead garage doors come in many designs, but most preferred designs are tilt up, roll over and sectional units. The oldest among them are tilt up design. It is a single panel that is raised up to the ceiling of the garage. Roll up garage door is made up a number of small sections joined together to from a single large unit. They contain a coil in which these doors roll over when opened. The third design is sectional units. They are made from 3-4 panels each of them joined with axles or hinges which help them to roll up into the coil overhead.


Different materials are used to make garage doors, but the most popular materials used are steel, aluminum, wood and fiberglass. Steel is the most commonly used material. It is affordable, easy to install and provide better security. Aluminum is very effective in coastal areas, as they provide good resistant against rust and corrosion. Fiberglass is the strongest material and is more durable than other materials. It is a bit expensive compare to other materials. Wood garage doors are good as far as their aesthetic designs are concerned. But they are not durable like other materials.


Each design has its own benefits and advantages. For roll up doors are quite handy for tall garage openings and require little space on ceiling. Tilts up doors are less expensive for being an older style of doors. They usually have clean smooth appearance. Sectional doors are popular because of durability and security. They provide better protection against different weather conditions. They come in different designs and styles.

Disadvantages and Drawbacks

Besides advantages and benefits, overhead garage doors have certain disadvantages and drawbacks also. Roll up units, for instance, are made of many panels and need a lot of maintenance work at times and also they are the expensive one. Tilts up units are not considered secure and they provide less protection against different weather conditions. Sectional units however secure and durable need more ceiling space on ceiling and often arises with certain mechanical discrepancies.

Overhead garage doors come in a variety of colors and glass vision lights. Other than that, there are many different designs and styles available in the market to give your garage a fine look. One of the best features of overhead garage doors is its automatic operators and remote control openers. However, manually operated doors are also available which are open and closed via a chain or a track system.


Tips to Clear Mildew

Find the Source

The best way to remove and kill the mold is to find its source. The source from where it is coming. If you don’t work on the source and just clean the affected areas, it will come back again.

Find the exact source of mold. It might be cause of the leak in pipes or seepage in roof or floor of the basement. Fix the problem as soon as possible. After removing the source, start working on the places affected by the mold.

Humid climate is another source for mold, especially near coastal areas. People who live near the sea or ocean have to work really hard to deal with mold. To avoid mold, it is important to keep your doors and windows properly sealed. If possible use dehumidifier to keep humidity level on lower side.

Scour Surfaces

The right way to remove the mold from hard surfaces is to scrape it off. Use non-ammonia detergent or regular soap to soak the mold and afterwards scrape it off from hard plastic, countertops, metal or glass. If you scrub the dry mold, there are more chances that it releases spores into the air. Close the room door so that spores to avoid spores from spreading. On certain surfaces like structural woods, you may need to sand along with scraping.

It is important to wear goggles, breathing mask and other protective clothing to prevent any contact with spores.

Sterilize or Disinfect

Just removing old from the surface is not enough. You have to take steps to sop the re-growth of the mold. To stop the re-growth of the mold, you need to disinfect or sterilize the area. For this you can use a mixture of water and bleach. Make solution according to the surface; for instance, make mixture of 1/4 to 1/2 cups of bleach per gallon of water for clean surface and make and use a mixture of 1 1/2 cups of bleach per gallon on concrete or wood surface. Apply the mixture on the surface and leave it for 15 minutes. Rinse it afterwards and dry the surface completely.

Remove Items

Cleaning mold is not just confined to places, porous item should be removed in order to keep mold out of the house. At times some items like carpet padding, drywalls and papers sustain damage from mold. They should be removed permanently to ensure that the mold would not develop again.


Window Insulation

Weather Strip

Weather stripping is a good way to apply insulation to the windows. It is a foam substance having a stick back. Clean the surface and apply the weather stripping on it. You need to apply it on the windows sill and around the outer edges. Examine the windows thoroughly. Check its frames, outer edges and panes etc. if you find any gap between windows frame and the house, fill it with caulk. Take caulking gun and apply caulk to the gap. Examine the panes for damage and worn caulking. Remove the old damaged calk and apply the new caulk.

Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is a form of temporary window insulation. Though it is not attractive, but it is cost effective and provides enough protection against the cold drafts. Cut a piece of bubble wrap exactly of the size of your window. Then spray a small amount of water on the inner surface of the window and swiftly place the bubble wrap on the windows surface. Firmly press it.

Insulation Kits

Insulation kits are now commonly available at hardware stores. Insulation kits are available in two designs one for indoor or interior kit and outdoor or exterior kit. The interior kit contain a sheets of plastic that have the tendency to shrink on exposing to heat, especially by hairdryer. The exterior kit contains a plastic sheet that staples to the exterior window frame with cardboard strips.

Storm Windows

Storm windows are another source for windows insulation. Many people ignore the fact of having storm windows and do not ever think of using them. If you have not used your storm windows for a long time, they might have become loose. Reusing them may not be that useful but will hold the drafts to some extent. Storm windows are very cost effective and will pay for themselves.

Insulated Blinds

Cellular blinds are another kind of windows treatment. They consist of three layers of cells and hence called honeycomb blinds. These blinds come in various designs and colors to match your interior home decoration. Honeycomb blinds form an obstacle between room and window by trapping air in the cells.

However, replacement windows are the best achievement to save the cooling and heating costs. But it is not always possible to use replacement windows due to high costs. In that case you can use other available choices for window insulation that are handy and cost effective.