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Chimney Cleaning Tips

Before starting the cleaning process, close the fireplace area. Open the flue in the firebox and then the log grate. Clean up any debris from the fireplace and completely close the fireplace.

It is vital to get protective gear ready such as a face mask, gloves and goggles. Other important tools are chimney cleaning brushes, a rod that reaches down the full length of the chimney and a working flashlight.

After getting together the necessary tools, you can begin cleaning the chimney. If you choose the “Top down with Rod” method, the chimney is cleaned from the chimney rooftop. However, it is vital to seal of the fireplace so that soot does not spread all over the room. Lower the rod with the brush down the chimney length and rub it back and forth till the chimney is completely cleaned out. Use a flashlight to check out the chimney inside areas so that you can find spots that you have missed out. After cleaning the chimney, you would need to vacuum the area below to clean the debris completely. It is important to carry out the entire cleaning process very methodically so that it does not pose a danger for fires.

When you clean the chimney, you are bound to find cracked or missing bricks that have to be replaced or repaired. Be sure to replace them as it will help to keep the rain out of the chimney.