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Deck and Its Maintenance

1. The area and location where you live has certain impact on your deck in one way or another. Like if you live in West Coast (regular rains) most of the damage caused is due to water. Similarly, the people living in Florida may have to worry about the Ultraviolet rays. You have to workout on the factors which are responsible for the damage done to your deck. Water, mold, direct exposure to sunlight, dirt are some of the main factors affecting the deck.

2. If your deck is not protected by any sealant covering, it is best to apply sealant on your deck to protect it from water. Sealant not only provides shine to your deck but also make it water resistant. Before applying sealant, sand down the entire deck surface. This will help you remove any grime or dirt present on the deck surface. Choose a best water resistant varnish for your deck surface and apply it with the help of brush or roller.

3. If your deck has any stains or discoloration due to the direct exposure to sunlight, you can use bleach to remove the stains and to fight against discoloration. Bleach is powerful agent which removes stains and other dirt instantly. Bleach works well to fight against bacteria and other mildew or fungus. So, you can use bleach for mildew as well. However, it has mild effect on wood but that is negligible.

4. Inspect your deck regularly for any sings of damage. Any loose nails, chips or damaged parts should be treated as soon as possible. If you ignore these minor issues, they will extend over time and cause you major maintenance costs or might result in some severe damage. Repair any minor damage as soon as you come to know about it. If you find any major damage or cracks, consult some professional immediately to find any suitable way to fix those damages.

Following these directions will certainly help you to maintain your deck. You will be able to take proper care of your deck by keeping these important points in mind.