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Guide to Clean Marble

Cleaning regular marble

Marble is considered as very porous substance which can sustain stains very easily. You need to take an extra care while dealing with your marble. Never put cups or glasses without having coasters on surface of the marble. Otherwise cups will leave a stain in the form of ring on the marble surface. Clean any drink or liquid spills immediately to avoid damage. Clean your marble regularly with damp cloth and dry towel to keep the marble surface sleek.

It is recommended to wash and clean marble thoroughly with solution of dish washing detergent and warm water twice a year. Wash the marble with solution then rinse it with warm damp cloth and finally dry it with the towel. You can also apply wax on the marble to keep its surface safe from damages or scratches. Marble sealer is also an option to provide a solid protection. One thing you have to remember here is; do not use wax on white marble as it fades it color to yellow.

Cleaning dull marble

If you find that the marble has gone dull and lost its shine and attraction, purchase a commercial grade marble cleaner and polish. Many marble companies provide you with marble care kits, but commercial marble cleaner is much faster and easy to use than those kits. You have to purchase the right kind of cleaner for your marble as many companies sell imported marble polishes which is efficient for soft imported marble. Choose the best amongst all.

Putty powder or tin acid is also useful for cleaning and polishing dull marble. Just apply it with damp cloth on the marble surface and then use electric polisher to a polish the marble stone. In case your marble stone is badly damaged or scratched, it is better to consult the professionals which are into the business of marbles.

Cleaning stained marble

Stains are of different kinds and hence different kinds of chemicals are available in the market to suit the customer according to their needs. Organic stains like those caused by coffee, soft drinks, and tea can be removed with solution of ammonia mixed in 20 percent of peroxide. Apply the solution on the stains and leave it to dry. Later, clean it with damp cloth and dry.

For oil stains which are caused by lotion, cream or butter etc, use cornstarch. Leave it for few minutes then rinse with foamy detergent with the help if brush. After washing the stains dry the surface.