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Guide to Fix Front Entry Steps

Required Material

– Cement
– Two buckets
– Hammer
– Plastic sheet
– Pressure washer
– Metal or wooden stakes
– Chisel
– Strips of lumber the length of your stairs
– Paintbrush
– Broom
– Coarse sand


1. Clean the front step properly to have a better idea of any loose or crumbling cement.

2. Remove the loose cement from the steps with the help of hammer and chisel.

3. Before proceeding further, pressure wash your steps with 10 inch spray. This will remove all the grime, dirt or other debris present on the surface of the steps.

4. Now you have to make your mind that how thick layer of concrete layer you want on the steps. The ideal choice would be around three quarters of an inch.

5. Put the pieces of the lumber on each side of the steps to prevent concrete coating to ooze over the edges of the steps. Make sure that the height of the lumber should be leveled with the concrete coating.

6. It is important to secure the lumber pieces so that they remain firm against the steps. Firm hold lumber pieces ensure that no concrete will ooze away.

7. Make a mixture of concrete and coarse for your coating or overlay. Take two parts of sand with one part of cement and make a mixture.

8. To make the mixture thin enough to flow out of the bucket easily add some water to it.

9. To prepare the cement paint, take another bucket and add water cement and water to it until you have consistency of paint. This mixture is helpful in proper adherence of the concrete coating

10. Spread a layer of cement paint on the steps. To distribute it evenly on the surface you can use paintbrush.

11. After the cement paint layer, apply the mixture of concrete over the surface of the steps to give it a new coating of concrete. After applying the coating of concrete, wait for an hour or so to take it position on the steps.

12. Cover the newly coat of concrete with plastic for few days. This will help concrete to settle down properly on the steps.

13. After few days take the sheet off from the newly coated steps and add a second coat of cement paint on to the surface. This layer of cement paint will even out the textures of the concrete surface.

14. Leave the cement to dry for sometime. Later remove the lumber pieces. Wait for 24 hours before using those steps again.