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I Am Working on Curb Appeal

The place really looks a lot nicer from the road, but so far we have not really been able to get the sort of buyer that we need. The guy who came by was obviously one of those people that flip homes as they say. He made an offer that was ridiculously low and ticked off a list of things he claimed that he had to do to make the place ready. I laughed at him and went to work installing some new window plantation shutters, which I knew would really help the curb appeal of the place. I got done and then I stood out where you would be when you first looked at the place after you had driven up. I really liked the impact of it and then I started to work on the landscaping. Of course that is something that is easy to do. I trimmed the hedges up and I planted some flowers in front of them. I had the place set up so that the mowing could be done in half of an hour, so there are a lot of flower beds and a lot of mulch around the trees.

Of course the real problems with the place seem like the sorts of things you would not want another person to fix, or at least that is how I feel. The kitchen and the bathrooms need to be renovated, but I might do it in a way that was suited for a person of my tastes and not for the person that comes to look at it. It would be expensive too and I am not positive that you would get that money back. I do not have a great need for that sort of thing though, since I am not that sensitive to it.