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Seal Floor Tiles and Grout Tips

Required Material

– Acrylic floor finish
– Brush
– Penetrative tile sealant
– Topical tile sealant
– Water


1. Glazed or non-cemented tiles are usually water resistant. However, you can determine whether your surface needs a layer of sealant or not with the help of simple test. Take small amount of water and pour it on the surface and inspect it for some time. If you find that the color of the surface darkens, seal it. If no discoloration occurs that means there is no need to apply the layer of sealant.

2. Before applying the sealant, clean the surface properly. Make sure that no debris or dirt is left behind. Purchased the best sealant specified for the type of tiles you have. Start from the vertical surface. Apply sealant in an upward direction to avoid any stripes or trickling of the sealant. For horizontal surface, always work from inside out, i.e. from one wall towards another wall. Apply sealant evenly on the entire surface. Let the sealant dry for the required amount of time recommended in manufacturer’s manual.

3. After applying the topical sealant layer to your tiles and grout, now is the time to apply a layer of acrylic floor finish. A layer of acrylic finish provides a protection to the tiles that keep them secure from routine’s wear and tear. This layer is also called as wear layer for tiles that provides protection to the tiles and tile sealant underneath. Follow the instructions given on the manual of acrylic floor finish and leave it to dry for the time specified on the manual.

4. For stones or outdoor tiles, use penetrating sealant. Two layers of this sealant will be enough, but make sure that the first layer is dried off completely before applying the second layer. Apply the layer of sealant on the tiles or stones and let it dry. Later apply the second layer and leave it to dry.


– The ideal time to apply sealant is 2 weeks after of laying tile and grout.
– To get best results from sealant, let it dry for about 72 hours. However, the normal time for sealants to dry is between 24 to 72 hours. This time differs according to the different brands of the sealant.