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Tips to Clean and Protect Your Carpet

Required Material

– Rubber gloves
– White cloth (soft and dry)
– Water
– Mild dishwashing detergent
– Vacuum
– Carpet protection solution



1. The first step in cleaning carpet is to vacuum it. Thoroughly vacuum the whole carpet. Use all the required attachments available with vacuum to clean the corners, crevices, under the furniture or behind the furniture. Also vacuum the baseboards. The best way to vacuum your carpet is from front to back. Always follow this while vacuuming your carpet.

2. After vacuuming your carpet properly, wear the gloves. Mix a mild dishwashing detergent in warm water. Immerse the sponge in the solution and squeeze it properly.

3. Using damp sponge, scrub any marks or stains gently, more force can result in embedding the stain into the fiber of the carpet. This method is popular for water soluble stains. For insoluble stains, you can use carpet stain removal products. Stain removal products are easily available at hardware stores. Before using any of the stain removal product, make sure that you have read all the instructions and cautions given on the product manual. These instructions will precisely help you remove the stains without damaging the surface or fibers of the carpet.

4. In the end clean the surface of the carpet with soft damp cloth. This will remove the left over residues of the soap or stain removal product. Let the carpet completely dry before allowing any foot traffic on it.

Protecting Tips

1. Protect your clean as much as possible from dirty shoes. Foot traffic is the main source of staining the carpet. Minimize the shoes contact with carpet and it will be easy for you to keep your carpet clean. Any other products or factors which cause stains like drinks or beverages should be kept away from the surface of the carpet. Your carpet cleanliness is depend on how far you keep your carpet save from these stain causing agents.

2. You can also protect your carpet from stains and dirt with the help of stain preventing sealants. These sealants are commonly available in the market and you can get them easily from any hardware store. DuPont Teflon Carpet Protector or Scotch Guard is popular stain preventing sealant that guards your carpet’s fiber from stains. Be careful while selecting a sealant for your carpet. Sealant must be appropriate for your carpet. Always read the instructions given on manufacturer’s manual before applying any sealant to your carpet.

3. It is important to let your carpet dry completely before allowing any foot traffic. You can use fans, windows or any other available sources to dry your carpet.