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Tips to Furnishing Your Dining Room

Choose the right kind of table for your dining room

Consider what kind of dining table appeals to you and what will look right for the kind of setting you hope to create – whether a trestle table will look better or a pedestal table will fit better. A trestle table consists of two or three trestle supports linked by a longitudinal cross-member over which a board or tabletop is placed. A pedestal table on the other hand is a table supported by a single central column. The trestle table can appear less heavy and formal than the pedestal table, so you may want to consider that while choosing a dining table.

Also consider the kind of chairs that will go along with the table. Traditionally a trestle table is paired with Spindle back chairs. Consider as well, the practical aspect of cleaning etc. Cleaning around a pedestal table can be easier and since there is no space consuming table legs to worry about, this can actually help you save space if that is an important consideration. Just be sure that the pedestal table is well balanced and stable.

Consider Hutches

Hutches for dining room are an excellent idea, since they can be a versatile, good looking and practical addition to your dining room. It can serve as a display area for your fine china and silver ware if any. Or a hutch can be the place to store table linens, crockery and cutlery not currently in use as well as other dining table related items such as vases, candelabra and other more formal items not used on a day to day basis. A hutch can also double as a sideboard or server, so that you can lay out a buffet there. Even for a sit down dinner, you can lay out a few items there for guests to serve themselves.

A Table Pad

chances are you have spent quite a bit of time, effort and made a considerable financial outlay for your dining table in the hope that it will serve you well and continue to look good over several years. In the event you may want to consider getting a table pad that will help protect the table against, spills, scorching, scratches, daily wear and tear as well as other damage. Table pads not only protect the table, they also help to reduce vibration and absorb it.

A table pad can help to make your table be useful for a lot of other things – for instance the children’s homework and project work can get done there, when you take work home, the table pad can ensure that the table itself does not have to take the toll of excessive use.