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Window Insulation

Weather Strip

Weather stripping is a good way to apply insulation to the windows. It is a foam substance having a stick back. Clean the surface and apply the weather stripping on it. You need to apply it on the windows sill and around the outer edges. Examine the windows thoroughly. Check its frames, outer edges and panes etc. if you find any gap between windows frame and the house, fill it with caulk. Take caulking gun and apply caulk to the gap. Examine the panes for damage and worn caulking. Remove the old damaged calk and apply the new caulk.

Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is a form of temporary window insulation. Though it is not attractive, but it is cost effective and provides enough protection against the cold drafts. Cut a piece of bubble wrap exactly of the size of your window. Then spray a small amount of water on the inner surface of the window and swiftly place the bubble wrap on the windows surface. Firmly press it.

Insulation Kits

Insulation kits are now commonly available at hardware stores. Insulation kits are available in two designs one for indoor or interior kit and outdoor or exterior kit. The interior kit contain a sheets of plastic that have the tendency to shrink on exposing to heat, especially by hairdryer. The exterior kit contains a plastic sheet that staples to the exterior window frame with cardboard strips.

Storm Windows

Storm windows are another source for windows insulation. Many people ignore the fact of having storm windows and do not ever think of using them. If you have not used your storm windows for a long time, they might have become loose. Reusing them may not be that useful but will hold the drafts to some extent. Storm windows are very cost effective and will pay for themselves.

Insulated Blinds

Cellular blinds are another kind of windows treatment. They consist of three layers of cells and hence called honeycomb blinds. These blinds come in various designs and colors to match your interior home decoration. Honeycomb blinds form an obstacle between room and window by trapping air in the cells.

However, replacement windows are the best achievement to save the cooling and heating costs. But it is not always possible to use replacement windows due to high costs. In that case you can use other available choices for window insulation that are handy and cost effective.